Becky Excell's Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

YOUR GLUTEN-FREE JOURNEY STARTS HERE When I started a gluten-free diet over a decade ago, I started with zero knowledge, zero cooking or baking skills and zero support. So it may not surprise you to hear that, having finally found my feet in a gluten-free world, I’ve dedicated my blog to making sure that your gluten-free journey is plain sailing from the very beginning.

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Laura Strange My GF Guide

Making coeliac life easy – gluten free’s not hard when you know how! Gluten free food, travel and lifestyle guide written by Laura Strange.

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The Gluten Free Munch Box

Paula's creative journey through a Gluten Free life. Recipes, shopping, hints and tips - only on Facebook at the moment

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Sarah Howells The Gluten Free Blogger

THE GLUTEN FREE BLOGGER Gluten free recipes and advice for living life with coeliac disease. From simple gluten free bakes to meal ideas, coeliac humour and more, The Gluten Free Blogger has everything you need to start living and loving your gluten free life.

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Coeliac Survival Guide for Kids

Is your child baffled by their new diet & restrictions due to coeliac disease? Need help in understanding what is going on? Why they need to change foods, question what they are given, find themselves left out at parties or wonder why they can't have the birthday cake? I've a coeliac child. I've watched her face drop on numerous occasions the past 5yrs, birthday parties, school activities, family events. It's no fun being on the side lines. We had a lightbulb moment that happens to coincide with our diagnosis anniversary - what do kids get to help them when they are diagnosed? Nothing. No stickers, leaflets or colouring pages. They have thoughts to process too, so with the help of a coeliac child or two , I've pulled together a journal to help your child navigate the beginning of adapting to a coeliac diet or maybe even if your child has been coeliac for a while, they might just learn something new! Covering all your child needs to know in easy bite size pieces with the odd reference to farts/trumps and poo. Helping them understand what the disease is, what causes it and how they can get better and in turn, help educate those around them that don't know about the disease. Making each child a Coeliac Champion. So, with the help of my coeliac child & her coeliac friend, we've pulled together a survival journal & guide to help get your child confident to ask questions, understand it's a life long condition & what it's all about. Link to the book

Violet and the Crumbs - for 4-8 year olds

a new picture book sure to spark conversations about this timely issue. <p/> Violet used to love birthday parties, but now that she has celiac disease, she's not allowed to eat pizza, cake, or anything else with gluten. Violet feels alone until she discovers that some animals have dietary restrictions as well. While standing up for her animal friends, she realizes she can do the same for herself. And when it's time to celebrate Violet's birthday, there isn't a single gluten-containing crumb in sight! <p/> Filled with pluck and humor, this informative story provides a great opportunity to discuss this increasingly common condition with children who have celiac disease and gluten-intolerance as well as those who know people who have it and are seeking to learn more about it. This book has been approved by the Celiac Disease Foundation