Northern Tea House

Emma studied at the university 13 years ago and coming back to the town felt right at a time of growth, She went on to Lecture at the University until 2019. Their modern industrial tea house seats up to 42 people downstairs in a comfortable and unique environment and has become a firm favourite for locals, students, and business people. A year in they opened the upstairs room which now seats a further 20 people and with the added outside seating another 10. With a mix of industrial furniture and vintage touches and a modern edge, they have provided a unique environment to enjoy. They hope to open more shops in the future in the North. Since opening, the menu and our team have grown as well as our customer base, gathering together many different people who we love to see daily.

We host exhibitions each month on our huge 8×2 meter picture wall and accept proposals of work to

for a look at their menus click here, they usually have at least a couple of gluten free cakes available as well.

for their website click here

one of our group members, Winifred, recommended

They do some wonderful GF soups served with GF bread

and photo of the millionaires from another of our group members who recommended Northern Tea House