Reilly's Cafe, Shelf

On rainy days like this, come inside to a warm welcome & a belly full of good food at Reilly's Cafe, 22-24 Carr House Road, Shelf, HX3 7QY  for more details please click Reilly's Cafe 

Recommendation from one of our group members, Ella

Oh my goodness! 😯 What a little gem on my doorstep and a lovely, warm welcome! The new owners have only been here 4 weeks and when the chef is coeliac, you know they understand all about cross contamination! Reillys cafe is in Shelf so a little further afield for some group members but not so far for some like me. There's space to sit in or takeaway. 
Look at that cabinet of home made goodies for us AND we can have everything on this menu other than paninis. 
I haven't tried this beautiful looking pork and apple homemade sausage roll yet but I have to tell you that homemade bakewell tart was amazingly tasty! 
I'll definitely be back to try a brekkie soon 😀 and have more treats.