Casa, Grand Arcade

OUR GREAT TASTING GLUTEN FREE FOOD IS FOR EVERYONE! Our food tastes great, and just happens to be Gluten Free. It is important to realise that one does not have to be gluten intolerant to enjoy it, as it has many advantages. Namely, it is said to: Improve energy levels whilst reducing depression Promote healthy weight gain Eliminate bloating whilst improving skin health Reduce joint pain whilst improving bone health Reduce lactose intolerance Why not try it for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

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G-Wu Chinese

Recommended for its amazing coeliac menu - sit in or take away. Please make sure that you inform the server that you need gluten free

The Oxford Place, Leeds City Centre

100% gluten free fine dining, Leeds Tucked just around the corner from the iconic Town Hall, The Oxford Place is the only restaurant offering completely risk-free gluten free fine dining in Leeds. Our independent multiple award-winning restaurant is family-owned and run, delivering the finest food and the friendliest service at all times.

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Pieminster Leeds

After travelling around Australia in our early twenties, eating pies every day, we returned home determined to reinvigorate the humble British pie. And so in 2003, Pieminister was born. We scrabbled together some basic equipment and worked hard into the night (after night!) to set up shop in Stokes Croft, Bristol. Tristan made the pies and Jon ran the shop. On day one we sold five pies (not a great start), but word spread fast and after two weeks there was a queue out of the door. A stall at London’s famous Borough Market soon followed, then a pitch at Glastonbury – a dream come true. Over the years we have grown and now employ around 300 people. We still make all our pies in our Bristol kitchens and we still eat pies every day. Tristan Hogg & Jon Simon

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