Peaceful Patisserie @ Soma Wellbeing

"We began our journey of free-from culinary adventures in 2020. Our shared passion for wellbeing and health inspired our creations, from savoury meals to gluten-free baking and completely wholefood desserts. Creating gluten-free and nourishing food that tasted as good as the 'real thing' was challenging at times, but sharing our creations with friends and family was such a joy. We love to show people that it's possible to eat consciously and still enjoy delicious food.

In late 2022, Peaceful Patisserie was born after joining the Sotāpanna community. Our ethos of dietary inclusive, nourishing food and theirs of growth, wellbeing and community gel perfectly.

Our little project is forever expanding and we are grateful for every supporter.

Love Michal and Fern."

Soma Wellbeing Hub HX6 2TL Halifax 

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